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Bellow is a draft of the exhibition in Milwaukee Wisconsin where I will
be giving a presentation in October. As far as I know all these events
will be open to the public.

Tilford Bartman

Common Heritage: The Wooden Synagogues of Poland
A Series of Events Celebrating Jewish Architecture and Culture in Poland
and America

Exhibit Sponsors:
Polish Center of Wisconsin
UWM Center for Jewish Studies
UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning
Wisconsin Society for Jewish Learning, Inc.

Schedule of Events:
Wednesday, October 20th

The Joinery of the Synagogues: A Timber Framing Demonstration
The School of Architecture presents a demonstration of timber framing
joinery used in the construction of the wooden synagogues. James
Kricker a master millwright will demonstrate the log hewing techniques
and the construction of timber trusses in the Polish wooden synagogues.
Comparisons will be made between Eastern European and Western European
/American timber framing traditions.

Framing Demonstration: Log Hewing, 10:00 am; Timber joinery, 2:00 pm
Commons Area, 1st Floor, Architecture Building, UWM.
Lecture: “Timber Joinery, East and West,” 12:00, Room 110.

The session will feature a large wooden model of the Zabludow
Synagogue. This synagogue is the focus of an international campaign to
reconstruct a full-scale replica of the Zabludow Synagogue in Poland. An
exhibition about Polish wooden synagogues will accompany the
timber-framing demonstration in the Architecture Gallery adjoining the
Commons Area.

Thursday, October 21st

Exhibition: Annihilated Heritage: The Wooden Synagogues of Poland
An architectural exhibition documenting the destroyed wooden
synagogues of pre-war Poland will be shown at the Polish Center of
Wisconsin. Wooden synagogues were once the focal points for Jewish
communities >from the small towns or “shtetls” of Poland. The
destruction of these towns and their Jewish populations by the Nazis
makes the record of these synagogues one of the few surviving
documentations of these Jewish communities.

The exhibition was prepared by the Association of Historic Monuments
Conservators (SKZ), Poland

Exhibition Schedule and Events
Opening: Polish Center of Wisconsin, Thursday, October 21st
Exhibition Viewing: 6:00-7:00.
Joint lecture and slide presentation: 7:00-8:00.
Introduction: Witold Karwowski, Association of Historic Monuments
Conservators, Poland and USA
“Polish Wooden Synagogues, Jewish Architecture in Polish Context”
Thomas C. Hubka, Professor, Department of Architecture, UWM.
“Rescued Heritage: The Restoration of Synagogues in Poland,"
Samuel D. Gruber, Director, Jewish Heritage Research Center, Syracuse, NY.
Reception following lecture: Klezmer band, Jewish-Polish foods (Kosher)
Location: Polish Center of Wisconsin, 6941 S. 68th St., Franklin, WI
Friday, October 22nd

Lecture: The Architectural Symbolism of the Synagogue
A joint lecture and slide presentation:
“Contrasting Symbolisms of the Polish Wooden Synagogues”
Thomas C. Hubka, Professor, Department of Architecture, UWM.

“Modern Synagogue Architecture: Between Memory and Innovation”
Samuel D. Gruber, Director: Jewish Heritage Research Center, Syracuse, NY
Lecture Series: Friday Afternoon Live, 4:30pm, Room 170, Architecture

Exhibition: Resplendent Synagogue: The Architecture of a Polish Synagogue
The exhibition documents the wooden synagogue of Gwozdziec and is based
on the book, Resplendent Synagogue: Architecture and Worship in an
Eighteenth Century Polish Community, by Thomas C. Hubka.

Architecture Gallery, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, UWM
Opening Reception, 5:30-6:00, Klezmer band, Polish/Jewish food.
Sunday, October 24th

Lecture: “The Architecture and Heritage of the Synagogue: >from the Old
World to the New”
Samuel D. Gruber, Director: Jewish Heritage Research Center,
Syracuse, NY

The lecture and slide presentation will explore the intricate
relationship between art, architecture, and culture as it was manifested
in old world and new world synagogues.

Golda Meir Library Conference Center, 4th Floor, Golda Meir Library, UWM
Lecture 2:00, Reception to follow the lecture.

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