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Aubrey <aubrey@...>

I am searching for cousins who emigrated >from Poland c 1930 to Buenos
Aires -
the Polish names were Samuel Hersz KIEWITZ his wife Zippora Jakubowitz
KIEWITZ and children
Anszel KIEWITZ b 1925 and Czana KIEWITZ b 1927 .The family may have taken
the name KATZ -
the son Jaime KATZ .
I believe they had a leather or shoe store in BA. in the 1950's .
Zippora had a cousin Regina Remolski TUCHMAN who was a Shoa survivor in
contact with her
in 1960 >from Cuba and another Shoa survivor cousin Moishe JAKUBOWITZ who
may have come to BA >from Paris
c 1946 with his wife Regina and son Marek.

Aubrey Jacobus

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Hi all and welcome to the Latin American SIG.

For the first few messages, I suggest that all participants post a message
with the surnames and locations they are looking for. Be as specific as

In addition, I would like for people to email me privately about their
experiences getting information >from Latin American countries. I want to
compile the information and send out another message about how successful
members have been.

Feel free to contact me for other information or questions,

Rob Weisskirch
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