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Hi there!

I am searching for the following families:

TOBIAS / TOBIASZ originally >from Myszyniec and area, Poland. Emigrated
to somewhere in Mexico - little known about family, but perhaps related
to the GMORA family.

TOBIAS / TOBIASZ in Montevideo, Uruguay - Fiszel TOBIASZ >from Myszyniec
, Poland settled there before the War. His brother and sister survived
the War in Poland and were trying to reach him in Uruguay .......

SHEFFICK in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My Great-Grandfather David
(Touvye) TOBIASZ' sister Gussie TOBIAS married Morris SHEFFICK in 1894
in Warsaw. They had 5 chldren here in Glasgow, Scotland - Nellie, Mary,
Bernard, Simon and Ettie and around 1910 left for Argentina. My
grandfather Nat TOBIAS visited them in the 1920s (he left home for work
one day, said goodbye to my grandmother and never returned that evening.
He had jumped on a boat with cousin Alfie CLOVER (SUCLOVER) for South
America! He returned several months later....)

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|Researching : |
| TOBIASZ, DORFMAN in Ostrolenka, Lomza, Nowogrod, Kolno, Myszyniec |
| MAJERKIEWICZ, CYTRON, RUDOWSKI in Checiny, Malogoszcz, Rembiechowa |
| BANKS in Taurage |
| ZELDEN in Odessa |

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