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Hector Mondrik wrote:

CEMLA has only partialy records. A lot of records were destroyed. I suggest
you should intent in the Hamburgo port.
Hector Mondrik
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Hi Everyone! I have had some luck searching for documents in Argentina,
basically in the the civil registrars office. I have most of my family
still living in Argentina but am trying to uncover the "mysteries" of
the families arrival at the turn of the century. My families come from
the Ukraine and Odessa. In the Ukraine, I have the name of a town called
"TATARK/O" and >from Odessa, it was most likely >from NOVY BUK.

When they arrived, they settled in Entre Rios and La Pampa (Bernasconi
and surrounding areas) The people in the registro civil in La Pampa are
extraordinary! They sent me a ton of documentation!

I am searching for these families:

I have my great-grandfather's death certificate which states everything
but the elusive name of his father. I have contacted CEMLA and they do
not have an entry for my ggf YOSEL TRUPP. Any suggestions on how I
could locate his resident or citezenship papers or any other document
that would state his parents names? I am guessing he arrived to Arg.
around 1900-1906.

Mirta Trupp Dreiman
Hi. THanks for writing. If I may ask another question, can you tell me where I can found out more about Hamburgo port, where and how can I get
in touch with their records?

Thank you,
Mirta Dreiman

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