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Yoav Epelman,TLV R&D <yoave@...>

Shalom for everyone.
My name is Yoav Epleman and I subscribed yesterday.
What I seek is:
1. My paternal grandmother's maternal side which came >from Bobruisk. The
name is Enkin\Ankin. My greatgrandparents were "Leib" (Leon in Argentina) and "Sarah". Leib was a carpenter. I don't know when they were born but I know that Sarah died at 1894 and Leib in 1928/9. Sarah is buried in Bobruisk and Leib in San Miguel in Argentina.
I know that they emigrated to Argentina (I don't know the exact year,
but it was after 1894).They had 8 children: Michael, Abe (Avraham), Isaac, Zusie (Josef),Sere, Rahel, Matilda and Hanna. The 6th child, Rahel, is my father's grandmother.
2. My paternal grandmother's paternal side which came >from Kherson
(Ukraine). The name is Perman. My Great grandparents where Leib (Leon in Argentina 1860? - 1942) and Ester Zipora (Goldberg ? - 1928/9). They had 10
children: Nahum Moshe (my father's grandfather), Yeshie, Adolfo,Efraim (Francisco), Jacob, Elke, Frime, Haim,Henech, Perel. All the children were born in Kherson. The family has emigrated to Argentina (I don't know when). My great grandparents are buried in Basabilbaso in Argentina.
3. My grandfather's side. The name is Epelman. My grandfather's father
came >from Bessarebia (I don't know which city)to Argentina probebly in 1890. His name was Adolfo Epelman. He married to Rosa and they had 4 children. They both died in 1951/2.
If it sounds familiar, contact me in yoave@... <mailto:yoave@...>
Thank you in advance.
Searching for: Epelman\Appleman >from Bessarevia.
Enkin\Ankin >from Bobruisk (Belarus).
Perman >from Kherson. (Ukraine).
Yoav Epelman, Rishon Le Zion, Israel.

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