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Yoav Epelman,TLV R&D <yoave@...>

I have a hard task.
I search the death certificate of my wife's great grandfather,
Behor Yossef Gabay (first son Yosef), who was murdered in
Argentina in 1918.

His son, my wife's grandfather, was 1 year old only when his
father was murdered and he was only son. The family doesn't
know anything about the great grandfather. They know only his
name (Behor Yosef) and that he was murdered on 1918. He is
buried in Buenos Aires. That's all.

If someone knows the address of an old Jewish cemeteries in
Buenos Aires please response. We even don't know where exactly
he is buried.

Thanks anyway.
Mail - yoave@...

MODERATOR NOTE: Start your search by reading the JewishGen
InfoFile on Argentina particularly
the section headed Registro Civil

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