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To LatamSiG
Dear 'genners
This is a very sad bit of news I need to share with you. I'm
comfortable sharing because I have come to know JewishGen the SIGs and the
Research Groups as a family of truly caring people ... people who express
and share their concerns for one another ... people who go out of their way
to help... people who are most always there for one another.

Susan King's father, Erwin M. King died suddenly last night in New Orleans
and Susan and her brothers are in the throes of contacting family and
making the necessary arrangements.

Many of you in the JewishGen family will want to express your condolences
to Susan and it occurs to me that since her father was so proud of what
Susan had achieved with JewishGen, the most fitting memorial for him and a
way of expressing your feeling for Susan is to make a donation in his
memory to JewishGen.

Please think about this, and if it seems to you to be an
appropriate remembrance, please visit the JewishGen page set up as a Wall
of Honor... "to honor, to thank, to cherish the memory".

The JewishGen "Wall of Honor" can be found at
To see what it looks like, click on the words "Wall of Honor", which will
take you to the actual page. Then, go back to the JewishGen-erosity page
and fill it out. If you are not comfortable making a donation through our
secure credit card server, you can always use the Printed Contribution
Form. Whichever way you choose to express your condolences to Susan and
her family, it will be deeply appreciated.

One final note, the system of including your specially written message is
not automated and it requires a volunteer to put it on line. Bear with us,
we will get these done as quickly as possible. So,if you intend to follow
through on this plan, please have patience until you see your message posted.

Carol Skydell
Laguna Woods, CA

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