Looking for Teodoro SREBNIK, hiw wife Dina KURIAN and their children in - La Plata, Argentina #latinamerica

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This is an update to a query I sent out a few weeks ago, looking for
my great-great-uncle Teodoro SREBNIK and his children. I have just
received some new information on Teodoro and his wife and children, so
I want to see if anyone knows how I might contact these people. None
of the websites or Jewish organizations in Argentina have been
helpful, and they have told me to hire a private investigator.

Then just yesterday a fellow Jewish researcher told me this:

An interesting thing for those who are looking for Srebnik family is
that the best friend of Iosef SZWEDZKI was Teodoro SREBNIK, who lived
Uruguay and emigrated to Argentina in 1950 with all his family. He
died in the 80´s and survived him, his wife (Dina KURIAN) and three
sons (Jorge, Lili and Estela, all married and with sons).
I searched the Argentina telephone directory and found one possible

(11) 4226 -8164 PHONE
Calle 11 3497 PB CASA
BUENOS AIRES-Berazategui
Perhaps this is the daughter, Lili, referenced above, if she changed
her last name to be that of her mother's.

Any help finding/contacting these children or his wife for me, would
be very kindly appreciated. I would also like very much
to find where Teodoro is buried and get a photo of his gravestone and
a copy of his death record, so that I
can see who is parents are exactly.

The original letter that I sent out is below.

Warm regards,
Bernie Hirsch


I am writing this letter to try to locate any records on my ancestor,
Teodoro SREBNIK, who lived in Montevideo, Uruguay in the 1900s. He
was born in the early 1900s in Vasilishki, Lida Uezd, Vilna Gubernia,
Belarus (was Lithuania) and immigrated to Montevideo.

He had 4 brothers (Abraham, Gus, Philip, and Isaac SILVERMAN) and 2
sisters (Gertrude and Sophie SILVERMAN), who immigrated from
Vasilshki, Lithuania to Brooklyn, New York, United States. In
September 1959, he went to visit them in New
York. On the way to New York his plane crashed and he was left
wandering in the jungle for a few days and caught some awful jungle
disease, before he eventually arrived in New York. Also, Teodoro's
brother’s sister-in-law, Bessie Silverman, went to visit him after
1962. At some point he moved to:

Ciudad de La Plata, Calle 1 Nº 82, Prov. de Buenos Aires,

The father of Teodoro SREBNIK was Jankel Eli SREBNIK. I have
a photo of Teodoro and another photo of his father Jankel. I can
send these to anyone who might be able to help me find
Teodoro, his children, or any information about Teodoro.

The last address that we have for Theodore is:

Ciudad de La Plata, Calle 1 Nº 82, Prov. de Buenos Aires,

from sometime after 1970 or thereabouts. I am told that he had 3
children, and at least one of them was a boy.

Your kind help is very much appreciated!

Very kind regards,
Bernard S. Hirsch

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