Wolfus Family Information #latinamerica

Gabriela K <gabriela_k25@...>

Dear All,

I am currently conducting genealogical studies about my late Jewish
Grandmother and her family and am trying to find as much information as

Her maiden name was Rachel Wolfus and was born/lived in Wielkie Ozcy,
Poland. We believe her birth date was 12th April 1912.

We know she was a young Zionist who left Poland for Palestine before the
war. We also believe that most or all of her family that remained in Poland
was murdered in the war. However, we do know that she had a sister- Mary-
who went to the United States of America.

I have also recieved information suggesting the possibility that there are
members of a Wolfus family in South America and was interested to know
whether there was a connection.

Any information regarding the Wolfus family would be of great help. Could
you please send it to the following email address- gabriela_k25@hotmail.com

Thank you,

Yours Sincerely,

Gabriela Khoury.

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