Time to move forward #latinamerica

Carol W. Skydell <cwskydell@...>

This mailing list initiated in 1998 now has over 300 members and it seems
that it is time to either move forward, or reluctantly fold our tent. As
the JewishGen Vice President for Special Projects....and as someone with
family and friends in Argentina....I would naturally prefer the group
chooses to move forward. But moving forward is not limited to just
saying...."sure let's move forward" Words alone are not going to do what
we need to accomplish if we are to continue.

Moving forward involves becoming a full fledged JewishGen SIG committed to
a web page, research projects, and any other focused activities that will
benefit the entire JewishGen community. This will take volunteers and
dedication. JewishGen will do its part by making our 501 (c)3 tax
qualified status available for any fundraising required and will provide
the full assistance offered to all the JewishGen SIGs.

So the questions are, (and what a perfect time of year to ask <g> )....

Are there some volunteers out there willing to commit to a team to initiate
and coordinate research efforts and to manage projects in conjunction with
that research?

Are there some volunteers out there with the skills to create and maintain
a web page for the JewishGen Latin American SIG?

And should we become a viable JewishGen SIG are there one or more
volunteers out there willing to serve as moderators for what needs to be an
active mailing list.....if in fact we are to continue.

Please respond to me privately if you are willing to accept the challenge
of moving us forward.

Best wishes to you all for a healthy, happy, sweet, peaceful and productive
new year.


Carol W. Skydell, Vice President
JewishGen Special Projects

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