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As a new member of the Latin American SIG, I'm not sure how many are
already members I know and know me through the JewishGen
Europe-oriented SIGS. So may I introduce my family connections with
South America.

Between the two World Wars, my aunt Raizl TREIGER/TREGUER (other
spellings?) emigrated to Brazil. She may have come as a married woman
or she may have married there. We are not certain of her husband's
name - it may have been something like SHOICKET, or he might have
been a ritual shoicket. I think my father said they lived in Rio. (He
was greatly amused by the fact that their refrigerator was in the
living room or parlor.)

The TREIGER/TREGUER hometown was Snitkov (Snitovka) in what is now
Ukraine. It is south-west of Vinnitsa and Zhmerinka. The family later
lived in Zhmerinka and then in Mogilev-Podolskiy. All are not far
from the Ukrainian-Roumanian border.
In 1922-23, my father Yankev Idel TREIGER and his sister Ruchel with
her husband Fishel SHVAISBERG spent many months, perhaps a year,
waiting in Buenos Aires for permission to enter the US.

I believe that is the extent of our Argentine connection.

Of course the most important thing I hope to learn through the SIG is
how I might track my aunt Raizl TREIGER "SHOICKET" who lived in
Brazil - how to find documents that would show a woman's maiden name,
and where they are archived. I have a photo of her with her daughter
and grand-daughter "Shayla" and could post it to JewishGen's

I look forward to participating in the SIG.

Best New Year's wishes,
Michelle Frager, NYC area, USA
FRAKT WOLFSON LIFSHITZ in Belaruse and Lithuania

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