FOINQUINOS family in Brazil and elsewhere #latinamerica

Alice Josephs


I've just joined this group to help a lady in England who does not have
access to the internet. In the past she has done research on her
ancestral FOINQUINOS (variations FOLLINQUINOS, FOYINQUINOS)who she has
traced back to Morocco and Gibraltar. However after a search of the
internet, it looks as if some FOINQUINOS families settled in Brazil in
the Amazon Basin. If there is anyone researching this family either in
Brazil or elsewhere could you please contact me privately and I will
pass on your emails to this lady.

Thanks so much!

Alice Josephs

MODERATOR NOTE: Please check the JGFF as there are two researchers listed searching FOINQUINOS in Brazil and elsewhere. All you need do is contact them on behalf of your friend since neither of them are subscribed to this mailing list....unfortunately.

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