Re: Searching SZEGO and LUSTIG in Buenos Aires #latinamerica

Carlos Glikson

my 84 year old Mother,
Mrs. Clara (Stein) Lowy who is trying to reconnect
with a close friend she lost contact with during the
1. Istvan Szego - He is (Was) in the Men's and Women's
Sweaters Manufacturing Business. He immigrated to
Buenos Aires after the War.
An Esteban Szego was listed with an address in Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires
Province. Esteban Szego may probably be Istvan Szego. The phone listed years
ago is now in the name of Celia M Miraglia for the same address and ends in
5229. No full addresses may be published here, but probably you will find
Celia M Miraglia's address and phone in different Argentine white pages
on-line (links for many countries in ) .

I´ll be happy to call if you wish, hoping he is still with us and there, or
that they may have his contact info. If you choose that I call, please send
me some information about your mother's search so I can explain my call
better if necessary.

Some white pages' site/s enable to search for all provinces - "todas". If
you have to select a province, Lomas de Zamora is in Greater Buenos Aires,
in the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires proper, and corresponds to the
jurisdiction of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires

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