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Dear People,

Recently I discovered the names of family members from
Warsaw documented in the Yad Vashem database by M.
Rosenberg of Buenos Aires.

The entries made by M. Rosenberg in 1972 document the
birthdates and deaths of family members in Warsaw

The family is of my grandmother, Feige Kloc, nee
Gincberg. She and my father (Benjamin) and aunt
(Devorah) stayed with her sister Ester and brother in
law Mendl Wolgroch at 23 Dzielna before coming to the
U.S. in 1921.

(My grandfather, Chaim Kloc, parents Avraham and
Devorah of Lysobycki, Poland, came to the U.S. in

I have been searching for information of my
grandmother's parents, Leib and Rachel Gincberg of
Pultusk, and any of the sisters and children left in
Two sisters noted by M. Rosenberg are Sima Slominski
and Brajna Rosenberg, his mother.

I would be very grateful for help in making contact
with M. Rosenberg or any known relatives in Buenos

Thank you very much.
Alison Jordan

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