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Hello, dear Jewishgen members:
I'm an Argentinian, descendant of a french citizen named, Sylvain Picard,
born in Mulhouse (Alsace) in 1863. In those days, Alsace was part of France,
but in 1870 the region was annexed to Germany. So when Sylvain (or Sylvin)
Picard had to do the military service, he run out the German Alsace to join
the Foreign Legion ("Légion Etrangère"). After many years passed in Panama
(the construction of the Canal) and in Chili, he finally stayed in Argentina
(Rio Gallegos city, Argentinian Patagonia), and three generations later, me,
I returned to France and begun searching information about the family roots.
After some information I have gathered, Picard, even if it is a usual french
name, is also a common Jewish name in the Jewish community in Alsace. Even
though, the Picard family, in Argentina, is Catholic. But it could obviously
be an adopted name. So I'm not certain about Sylvin Picard's religion. The
name, the country, and the city of origin suggest a jewish origin. Their
parents were named Henri Picard, and Pauline Rueff (or Ruff) . Rueff is also
a Jewish name.
All the information I have stops there. I have contacted the Jewish
community in Mulhouse, but with no results.
How could I get some information about Henri Picard and/or Pauline Rueff ?
All I know was written in the document when Sylvin was born: they were both
born in Mulhouse, and they had 30 and 28 years old (so I deduce, born in
1833 and 1835)
Mulhouse Archives do not accept requirements >from any particular; except in
case you have the exact names, dates and places.
I thank for every suggestion you could send me.

Thanks a lot. Hernàn Picard, Gentilly, France.

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