NEUWIRTH in Caracas #latinamerica

Tomer Brunner <tomerbr@...>

I wish to ask your advise about locating people in Caracas, Venezuela.

My grandfather's relatives, NEUWIRTH ( NEUVIRT) family, immigrated from
Ungvar (then in Hungary, today Uzgorod, Ukraine) to Caracas.

I just know that 2 cousins of my grandfather were there:
1) Feri (Ferenc, Franz) - moved to Caracas before WWII. had 2 sons (names
We got last letter >from them in the 1970s.
2) Jeno - moved to Caracas around 1952. No children

I'll be gratefull if for any clue about them or how to locate them.

Many thanks and best regards,
Tomer Brunner, Israel.

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