Re: 1906 Bialystok pogrom #poland

Tilford Bartman <bartmant@...>

Caryl Simon-Katler wrote:

I am doing research on the June 1906 pogrom in Bialystok, which killed
at least 100 Jews and wounded approximately 200. I have read some
short pieces in various books and one summary on a Bialystok website,
but would very much like to obtain more details. I'm interested in
facts, descriptions and firsthand accounts by witnesses. There seems
to be an extraordinary amount of writing on the Kishinev pogrom three
years earlier, but very little on Bialystok. Can anyone steer me to
some good sources?

Thanks for your help.

Caryl Simon-Katler, Massachusetts


I have a webpage dedicated to the victims of the 1906 pogrom. Here is a

I'm pretty sure there were reports of the pogrom in the press. I don't
know of any first hand accounts.

Tilford Bartman

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