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<< My impression is that pogroms were not a common feature of Jewish life in
the Bialystok region. ......... I'm told that in Bialystok (the big city)
things were not as good. ..... Also my experience is that some Jews wrongly
attribute some events to the Poles that actually had
at least as much if not more to do with Russian Czarist authorities or
troops. ....... If anyone has another take on this subject ........ I'd be
interested to hear it.>>

== My mother told me of many such attacks as she was growing up (born 1898)
in Bialystok. While they were instigated by the Czar or the local Graf
(count) and later, by the Communist regime, they were invariably carried
out by paid cossacks. Whenever that happened, the family would take
shelter in the cellar of the Polish neighbors, where they sometimes
had to remain hidden for several days. Obviously, when my uncle was
killed, not everyone made it to the shelter on time.

B'shalom, Susan Pearlman, nee SZEJNA-DWERA SZEJNMAN-KOSLOWSKY,
in Bialystok.

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