Sources of Resources for Research on Puerto Rico & Spain & name PEREZ #latinamerica


from my research I received a very interesting request >from a young
woman trying to identify more about her family >from Puerto Rico &
Spain. What I have assessed is that they were landowners, financially
comfortable for Puerto Rico, and based there for many, many
generations. As with all of us, there are family mysteries.

I am trying to help her get started but am hindered by the fact that
my knowledge base is mainly Ukraine/Austro-Hungarian Empire.

We would be very grateful for any suggestions/directions at all about
doing research in Puerto Rico and/or Spain, Catholic and Jewish;
about getting at least the following kinds of records: Real Estate
Records, Business Records, Tax Records, Last Will & Testaments, Birth-
Death-Marriage (before that which is available through Mormons),
Baptismals (sp?), Town Histories .... Any other websites to look at?

Isn't the name "Perez" an old, prominent Jewish name?

Thank you,
Karen Rosenfeld Roekard
aka Gitel Chaye Eta Rosenfeld Rokart

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