Yosel GROSS-KATZ, Poland? --> Santiago --> New York #latinamerica

mark gross <mglgen@...>

I am attempting to gather information about my father Joseph "Yosel"
GROSS-KATZ and his family.

I believe he was born in Poland in 1903. He may have traveled and
visited several countries prior to the Holocaust, including Palestine
and Italy. During the Holocaust he emigrated to South America,
possibly disembarking in several countries before eventually settling
in Santiago, Chile. While in Santiago he attended the Chevra Kedisha
Synagogue regularly, and the Bikur Joilim Synagogue infrequently.

He was married in Santiago in 1943, and subsequently his marriage was
annulled in Chile. Thereafter, he emigrated to the USA, probably in
1958, and resided in both, Crown Heights and Williamsburg. He was
Orthodox, and frequented Bobov, Lubavitch and Satmar. He passed away
in New York, in 1975.

His immediate family: father, mother and sister perished in the
Holocaust. He spoke of having had only one surviving relative
(cousin) that lived for some time in Venezuela, and this male relative
visited him in both, Santiago and New York.

He used the name Jose while in Santiago, and both, his paternal
surname of GROSS, and his maternal surname of KATZ , as is customary
in South America. However, in the USA he used the name Joseph GROSS.

Please reply to Mark Gross at mglgen@..., any information or
details that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
in advance.

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