Re: TAUBE/EYBESCHUETZ/HIRSCH-Galicia, Honduras, Canton, NY + researcher request #galicia

roe kard

We are seeking information on Gusta TAUBE EYBESCHUETZ (unsure of
spelling) and her husband Dr. ???? EYBESCHUETZ. We believe that Dr.
EYBESCHUETZ was physician to the President of Honduras in the 1940s,
and possibly in the '30s and '50s as well.

We know that Gusta TAUBE EYBESCHUETZ was born in Belz, Ukraine and
that she and her husband, Dr. EYBESCHUETZ, were able to bring (her)
daughter Halka AKA Elena to Honduras >from Eastern Europe before or
during WWII. In 1950 Halka/Elena left Honduras with her husband, Dr.
Erich HIRSCH, and came to USA by boat. She gave birth to their
daughter Georgia Vivian Rose HIRSCH on the boat to USA.

Ultimately, we are trying to find Georgia HIRSCH (and her mother if
she is still alive), because her 95-year old aunt and 70+-year old
cousin in Australia would very much like to be reunited with her in
this lifetime. Georgia grew up in Canton, NY and might have gone to
live with her grandmother at some point in the 1970s. She might have
stayed in Honduras, but this is only a hypothesis we are making
because of her life situation at that time and because we are finding
it hard to find any trace of her in the USA. She would be in her late
50s at this time.

I can provide you with more information (especially about Dr. HIRSCH -
from Ancestry) if any of this sounds familiar.
If you recognize this Dr. EYBESCHUETZ, have any information on him,
know his first name, or about his wife Gusta, her daughter Elena,
Elena?s husband Dr. Erich HIRSCH or about Georgia ? Anything at all!!!
- we would be very, very grateful.

We are also looking for suggestions of a researcher or someone who
could help us on the ground in Honduras or Canton, NY.

Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration.


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