Re: Jewish Community in Honduras #latinamerica

Sarah L Meyer

I think that there may be a couple of other ways of approaching this
question. One is not to limit ourselves to the genealogical community when
we are looking at small communities. I would contact Chabad and ask them if
they know of anyone in the Jewish Community with that surname, that you
could contact. The other potential source of information about the Jewish
Community of Honduras is Kulanu. But I thought that I read something from
Chabad recently about Honduras, the Schlichim all know each other and your
local Chabad Rabbi might be able to make a connection for you.

Sarah L. M. Christiansen
Georgetown Texas

From: Karen Roekard <>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 22:32:51 -0800
We are seeking information on Gusta TAUBE EYBESCHUETZ (unsure of
spelling) and her husband Dr. ???? EYBESCHUETZ. We believe that Dr.
EYBESCHUETZ was physician to the President of Honduras in the 1940s,
and possibly in the '30s and '50s as well.

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