'Jewels and Ashes' #poland


The mention of Bransk in recent postings reminded me of the book "Jewels
and Ashes" by Arnold Zable, who lives in Australia. It reads like a good
detective story, mentions both people and shtetlach in the Bialystoker
gegnvart (vicinity).

Once you start reading, you'll find it very hard to put down, because
in addition to the drama of before and during WW2, there is much local
color and history. Best of all, he names names. The only drawback,
in my opinion, is the lack of an index. Publisher is Harcourt, Brace
& Co., 1991; ISBN 0-15-146348-4. Enjoy, reminisce, and above all,
never forget.

B'shalom, Susan Pearlman
Nee Szejna-Dwera SZEJNMAN-KOSLOWSKY, in Bialystok, Poland
[also researching JASKOLKA, WISHNIATSKY]

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