Conference Recording Announcement #latinamerica

31st IAJGS Conference <dc2011_conference@...>

We've arranged with the well-regarded, experienced digital media company
Conference Resource LLC to record at least 121 conference sessions and sell
those recordings during and after the conference. The recordings will be in
the versatile MP3 format (that runs on PCs, Macs, and any MP3 audio device
with a USB port). They will be issued in a plastic case with a custom
printed label. There are two ways to purchase the sessions that have been
approved for recording:

- Individual Sessions: in CD format at $9.95 each if purchased during
the conference, or $11.95 plus shipping and handling (S&H) after the

- Full Set of Sessions: in Flash Drive format at $134 each if purchased
prior to the conference, $149 at the conference, or the same price plus S&H
after the conference.

Why buy such recordings? By having them, you can benefit even more >from the
conference and advance your family history research, as follows:

If you're attending the full conference – you can take part in other
conference events and still have access to sessions that occurred on the
day(s) or hours that you did other things (such as researching your roots at
the Resource Center, attending SIG or BOF meetings, networking, visiting
vendors, or enjoying film screenings and discussions with directors of
award-winning films). What a great way to flexibly plan your conference

If you're attending part of the conference -- you can purchase individual
sessions that matter to you and were held on the day(s) you couldn't attend,
and listen to them at your own convenience.

If you weren't able to attend any part of the conference -- you can purchase
and listen at your own convenience to the session(s) that matter most to
you, or to the entire set of recorded conference sessions.

And all these options share three other key benefits --
1. You'll have ALL the spoken text of the speaker(s) at the sessions you've
chosen to purchase. That way, if you attended a session that was recorded,
and the notes you took during the session weren't clear or if you missed
something -- you can just listen to the session again, and verify or fill-in
those facts!

2. Another plus is that you'll also be able to listen to a session and a
given speaker more than once, if a concept you've heard isn't somehow clear
but is very important to you.

3. You'll also have these sessions and/or the full set of recorded sessions
as a reference tool in advancing your research, whenever it becomes helpful
to do so.

This conference's organizers didn't create the concept of selling recorded
sessions -- this has been a favorite purchase of conference attendees for
quite a few years, it's considered so valuable!

Contact conference Resource LLC at, or look for
their sales table at the conference.

Remember - Online registration ends on July 31. Last chance to sign up for
all meal events and Embassy visits!

Save $$$ over on-site registration.

Marlene Bishow
Vic Cohen
Sue Isman
Co-chairs, 31st IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy

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