Document Acquisition Project for Jewish settlements in Kherson and their Latvian roots #latinamerica


Dear Geners,
We purchased the records >from The Central Archives for the History =
of the Jewish People and we are in the process of translating them (See =
project details below).
Continuing with the search of our roots, we contacted the Latvian =
Archives. They informed us that the archives keep lists of persons >from =
different towns of Courland who left in 1837-1841 to Kherson province.
To be able to acquire these records, we need to collect additional =
funds. Please read below how to donate.
Document Acquisition and Translation Project
for Jewish settlements in Kherson Province
(Novopoltavka, Beryslav/Bereslav, Dobre/Dobroye, Lvove/Lvovo, =
Malaya Seydeminukha, and Romanovka)
We are proud and excited to announce a new project. The Central =
Archives for the History of the Jewish People (at the Hebrew University =
in Jerusalem) has collected documents relating to selected towns in =
Ukraine and their Jewish populations. We have identified various =
documents relating to Novopoltavka and nearby Jewish settlements in =
Kherson province:
Novopoltavka, Beryslav/Bereslav, Dobre/Dobroye, Lvove/Lvovo, Malaya =
Seydeminukha, and Romanovka
Some of these records are:
o Correspondence regarding the establishment of Jewish Settlements =
in Kherson, Lists of Jewish settlers, life in the colonies, etc =
o Industrial Department, Police (1881-1904) =93Jewish matters=94 =
regarding the situation of the Russian Jews.
o In the process - the account of the Jewish colonies in Dobraye =
and Novopoltavka; verification of the establishment of educational =
agricultural farm and professional institution in Odessa;
o correspondence of activities in Russia with England Jewish =
colonial organization, about opening local immigrant committees, about =
immigration, relocation, etc.1891-1902
o List of ships and immigrants to Argentina.
We will use both professional and volunteer translators to =
translate these documents >from Russian to English. We have created a =
JewishGen Ukraine SIG Fundraising Project to acquire the documents and =
to pay for professional translators =
ml). We also need volunteers to translate these records. To volunteer =
please contact Project Manager Sylvia Walowitz at ruthw95@... and =
help us to help you!
Funds raised for this project will be used to acquire digitized =
copies of these documents and others for associated towns; to translate =
the acquired records; and to prepare the datasets for posting to the =
JewishGen Ukraine Database and the Ukraine SIG Master Name Index. Full =
translations will be posted on the appropriate KehilaLinks websites. A =
JewishGen spreadsheet template will be available to contributors well =
before posting on the JewishGen Ukraine Database
The key audience for this project is people whose ancestors lived =
in or near these towns, including many whose ancestors emigrated >from =
these towns to Argentina.
Project Importance
The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People at the =
Hebrew University in Jerusalem is a rich source of archival documents. =
Acquiring, translating, and making available documents and datasets =
relating to Jews >from these towns will benefit genealogical researchers =
and will help provide context for the lives of our ancestors. The data =
also will help us understand patterns of Jewish population growth and =
If you have roots in any of these places, this is your opportunity =
to help yourself, as well as many others, now and in the future!
We need to raise money to acquire these documents. Without your =
support we will be unable to pursue this project. If you are researching =
family >from any of these towns please join in and help!
How to Donate
To donate, please point your browser to the JewishGen-erosity =
webpage for Ukraine SIG Projects:
Scroll down the page to the project:
Kherson Settlements Document Acquisition and Translation Projects
Fill in the amount of your donation and click the Donate button. =
Follow the directions on the page that pops up. When you click =93Checkout=
via our secure server=94, you will be offered several choices for =
Because there is up to a two month delay before we get the =
financial report and we want to get the documents as soon as possible, =
please write to Sylvia Walowitz at ruthw95@... and tell us how =
much you have donated. We will send regular progress reports to all =
Gmar Jatima Tova to you and your family!
Sylvia Walowitz
Waibsnaider/Weibschnaider, Petigorsky (Yampol); Perman, Grinker, =
Minond, Liponetzky (Novopoltavka); Kozodoy/Cozodoy (Pokatilovo); =
Elimelech/Elimelah, Shurkin/Schurjin (Dnipropetrovsk). And all of the =
above >from Argentina.

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