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Bob Levitz

I am trying to find out what happened to the family of my grandfather=2C =
Charles (Gedalia)=A0 Charnow=2C who came to the United States >from Uman=2C =
Ukraine=2C in the 1920s. He had a brother who went to Argentina around the=
same time. The name Charnow in Argentina may be spelled Chernov or even=0A=
Tchernov. I have come across records for Salomon Chernov and Moises =0A=
Charnow=2C both of Buenos Aires=2C=0A=
Argentina. If anyone knows anything about these individuals or their =0A=
descendants=2C please contact me.=0A=
Robert Levitz=0A=
Boca Raton=2C Florida=0A=
Roble18@... =

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