Fleeing Nazis from Czechoslovakia to Ecuador: NYC Film Screening #latinamerica

Robert J. Friedman <rjfriedman@...>

"And there was Fire in the Center of the Earth," directed by Bernhard
Hetzenauer, tells the story of Vera Kohn, who in 1939 fled Nazi
persecution in Czechoslovakia to find refuge with her family in
Ecuador. After a career as a leading actress in Quito, she was a
practicing psychologist for 45 years and a pioneer and teacher of Zen
meditation in her adopted country.=20

In this film, the director contrasts and merges Vera=92s story with his
personal questions of collective guilt and individual responsibility
as he attempts to come to terms with his own family legacy: his
Austrian grandfather was a member of the SS.

The film will be shown on Sunday, June 5. For more information, see

Bob Friedman
Brooklyn, NY

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