JCA project - volunteers needed! #latinamerica

Yoni Kupchik

Dear all,

As you may know, we are currently running a large project in which we are o=
btaining and translating all the documents containing genealogical informati=
on about Jewish immigrants >from all over eastern Europe that were moved to m=
any parts of the world, mainly to Argentina, by the Jewish Colonization Asso=
ciation (JCA). We have already obtained more than 4,000 pages and translated=
more than 16,000 names of Jewish immigrants to the JCA colonies in Argentin=
a. And there are many many more pages waiting to be translated.

We need volunteers to help us enter the data into excel spreadsheets. The d=
ocuments are easy to read, in Latin alphabet, mostly handwritten but there a=
re also typed documents. The documents are in Spanish. Fluency in Spanish is=
preferred but not a requirement =E2=80=93 most of the information to be translate=
d includes names and ages without any comments in Spanish.

There are tens of thousands of names waiting to be translated and uploaded =
to Jewishgen! The records are very clear and easy to read and we can make re=
al progress in a short time. If you think you can help us with this project =
please contact me directly (yonikupchik@gmail.com).

Thank you in advance for your help!

Yoni Kupchik
Kfar Uriya, Israel

KUPCHIK =E2=80=93 Orgeyev and Bessarabia.
OKS =E2=80=93 Sudilkov, Odessa
SITNITZKY =E2=80=93 Zlatopol, Kanev area, Kremenchug
GORODETZKY =E2=80=93 Teleneshti, Soroki and other town in Bessarabia
SHABADASH =E2=80=93 Elisavetgrad, Novomirgorod, Shpola, Zlatopol
DORIN =E2=80=93 Odessa, Bessarabia
SHKODNIK =E2=80=93 Gaivoron, Khashchevate, Uman area
GLUZMAN =E2=80=93 Krivoye Ozero, Goloskov, Golovanevsk, Bogopol
KOSOY =E2=80=93 Chigirin, Nikolayev
RABINOVICH =E2=80=93 Brusilov, Novi bug


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