Brick Wall - Aron Kanelskiy, possible immigration to Buenos Aires, Argentina #latinamerica

Bella Tseytlin

Dear all,

I have been searching for any records of my late grandfather, but so
far my search was unsuccessful.
Recently I have come with name Aron Ganielsky who has departed
Hamburg to Argentina on 4 of July 1908. The person on manifest has
same year of birth, place of birth, occupation and marital status.
In hope that the surname was misspelt I was trying to find anything
further, i.e. relatives left behind, or who paid for the passage, etc.
but found nothing.
Handwritten index for same person did not help either.

Born Aron Berko Kanelskiy, in Uman, Ukraine on 10 May, 1885 to Berko &
Malka Kanelskiy and died on 25 October 1949 in Karaganda, Kazakhstan,
he & his 2nd family was evacuated during WW2 >from Odessa.

Aron's first wife was Basya/Baya - Shimonova, surname unknown. She
died c.1917 - 1918, when my dad was 2 years old. The family had 3
boys: Khaskel/Khariton, born 1904, then Boris, and my father Yakov,
Family lore is that before WW1 Aron being a member of RSDRP & worrying
persecutions left Russia for America or South America with few other
men and lived there for one year. He has returned to Russia, when the
party he belong to became RSDRP(B). All but one man returned to
Aron's second wife (as stated on podvignaroda website) Faina Isakovna.
Together they had 3 more children - Iosif, born around 1926 and killed
during first few months of WW2 and girls - Oma and Musia.

Argentina has no vital records in English beyond 1895 and there is
nothing on other websites.

I've posted 2 family photos and a copy of manifest in hope that
someone might find names or faces familiar.

They are on ViewMate at the following address:

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions which will assist me in
my search.

Thank you very much.

Bella Tseytlin
Melbourne Australia

Searching: KANELSKIY (and all variations of the surname) >from Uman,
Odessa, Karaganda, Israel, South America, America.
MARTSINOVSKY >from Uman, Odessa, Berdichev
TSEYTLIN and MISLAVSKIY >from Odessa, Belaya Tserkov, Kyzyl Orda
ABRAMSON >from Utena, Lithuania, Penza

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