Groer - Wajnstajn Families - Bialystok #poland

Gabrielle Grower <ggrower@...>

I would like any information on my family. My grandfather, Wolf (Vevl)
Groer -born 1871- served in the Russian army- my father said he played
the flute. In 1896 he married Gutke Wajnstajn. They had 5 children, my
father, Louis (Laibl), the only one born here in 1911, and is almost
ready to celebrate his 95th birthday. I would like to know about Berel
Groer, and the Wajnstajn family that owned a small department store in
Bialystok. Who died in the holocaust, who lives where today.


Gabrielle Grower
Endwell, NY

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