Re: Tykocin-Historical Book written by my great-grandfather #poland

Richard H. Hoffman

I was surprised and happy to see that my great-grandfather Alter Hofman's
book resides in the museum. He had taken trips back there to help with
financial aid to his fellow landsmen.

The spelling of his name is actually with one 'f' even here in the United
States. His daughter, my grandmother, married a Hoffman with 2 'f's. I
have a picture of my great-grandfather standing next to his father Aron's
matzuva that was reconstructed.

Richard H. Hoffman
Santa Clarita CA

Subject: Re: Summary of Trip to Poland -- Report 3
From: Tilford Bartman <>

I visited with Jan Maciejewski, a Manager at the Tykocin Museum. The
Museum Director, Ewa Wroczynska, was not available the day I was
visiting. I had asked for any materials about the Jewish history of
Tykocin as well as anything that would be helpful to Genealogists.

Jan Maciejewski showed me a copy of Pinkas Tiktin - Tiktiner Historical
Book published in Chicago in 1949. This book is written in both Yiddish
and English. I have a copy of the English part. I hope we can obtain
permission >from the publishers to reproduce this Jewish history of
Tykocin on our website. If anyone has information about the publishers,
please let me know.

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