Seeking Information on Family Wolf(s)thal in Argentina #latinamerica

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Group,
I am researching the roots of family WOLFSTHAL (interchangably
WOLFTHAL) >from Galicia. In doing so, I have some findings about some
members of the family going to Argentina, and I would appreciate
information or contact on these persons:
In the list of passengers of the ship Zeelandia, arrived to Buenos
Aires on Dec 18, 1925,
I see the name of Koch F. WOLFTHAL., Dawid Leib, age 31, originally
from Prodgrodzil (which might be misspelling for Podgrodzie which lies
just west of Rzeszow in Galicia )
I found names of 3 family members (Heinrich, Ludwig, Stefanie
WOLFTHAL) who arrived in 1950 to Buenos Aires >from Belgium.
And lastly, more searches revealed few persons with family names
WOLFTHAL buried in Tablada.

Thank you - Prof. Yaron Wolfsthal, Israel

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