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I prefer to stay in a hotel on the main street -- Lipowa Street near to
the pre War Jewish areas and just across the street >from where one of
the gates of the Ghetto was located.

I would suggest you find translators/guides for your entire trip.

In Bialystok, you should visit the Muzeum Historyczne Oddzial Muzeum
Podlaskiego w Bialymstoku at ul. Warszawska 37. This is the Historical
Museum of the City of Bialystok, a branch of the Podlaski Province
Museum. The Museum is in the mansion formerly owned by Shmuel Cytron, a
wealthy textile manufacturer in Bialystok. See There is a scale
model of ca. 1790 Bialystok, where the staff can point out the Jewish
buildings and talk intelligently about the Jewish history of Bialystok.
You will need a translator.

While in the area, you should also visit the restored 1652 Synagogue in
Tykocin now a museum run by the Podlaski Museum. There is also a local
museum in the building next door that has some interesting pre War

The Jewish Cemetery in Bialystok is worth visiting, but needs a good
deal of work to restore it to an acceptable condition.

Before you go, acquire the book "Jewish Bialystok and surroundings in
Eastern Poland" by Tomasz Wisniewski.

We would appreciate your written observations and photos for the
BialyGen website.

Mark Halpern
BialyGen Coordinator

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Friends and relations,

I am planning a trip in the fall to Eastern Poland and will be
Krakow, Staszow, Bialystok and Sidra, principally. Can anybody on this
list recommend the following:

1) Moderate-priced lodging in the Bialystok area
2) Name and contact information for an interpreter/guide in the Sidra
3) Resources that could be meaningful to a researcher whose only
language is English.

Any information that can be provided will be deeply appreciated. Thank
you for your help.

Jerry Levit
Chapel Hill, NC


MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please send information about guides/interpreters
and lodging privately. Other information about resources for
about and travel to Bialystok and area may be shared with the list.

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