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AVI LISHOWER <lishower@...>

hello friend
in my last message fall a mistak i wrote
RAZE means to destroy! but i meant to RAISE
funds to maintain the cemetery!!
thanking to martha lev zion for the corection.

about this project i have some jewish friened in libau who can help me to
operate this project .
i have also cnnection with the chife rabby of latvia i have also connecti=
with mayor of the city,
and with the consul of latvia in israel
so i think it is possible

wishing you=20
gemar chatima tova

best regad
avi lishower

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Latvia SIG Digest for Monday, September 28, 1998.
1. Libau cemetery project
Subject: Libau cemetery project
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 14:47:34 EDT
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Hi All -
I have responded privately to Avi Lishower regarding my interest in
and restoring the cemetery in Libau/Liepaja.
I hope those of us whose family came >from Liepaja can create a plan for
implementing this project. I would be glad to help, but I don't have a
where or how to begin!
Linda Thorpe Caciola
Venice, CA
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