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AVI LISHOWER <lishower@...>

hello Lorraine
you are wellcome to partisipate in this importent project
i think the situation in the cemetery is a same and we need to do somthing
i talk yesterday with the jewish community in libau and i hope we are on
the right way
i think also that we have to discase about a memorium in shkedan
i will get in the near futur >from them the budget we need to establish this

From: "K.& L. Bertelsen" <>
Date: Fri, 02 Oct 1998 13:42:26
X-Message-Number: 1

I refer to Avi's messages about the Libau Cemetery and Mike's comment
about the formation of a Courland/Libau group in July. I subscribe to
Latviasig, but do not remember seeing mention of the new group formation
and would appreciate receiving any details about this group.

My Mama Nana Emilie/Malka/Male Aronis Lando Gold was born in Libau in 1898
and was the only child of Anna/Chana nee Steinhauer Lapidus Aronis Pollack
who was born in Vilna in 1878 and Dov Ber/Bernard ARONIS, who was born in
Libau on 7th August 1866 and who died in Libau in 1901 aged 35 years.

Dov Ber/Behr/Bernard ARONIS was the oldest child of
Levin Leib ARONIS 1833 d. Libau 8th November 1901 and Emma PALM.

Levin Leib ARONIS was one of 7 children of DAVID ben Behr ARONIS 1800
possibly d. before 1866?
and Mahle/Malka bat Israel 1798-1810 d. 8th January 1862 Libau.

The Aronis family were LEVITES.

My GMM left Libau after the early death of my GGF and probably returned to
her family in Vilna and then headed south to Mogilev-Podolya/Vinnitza where
her three sons >from her second marriage were born. Then to Odessa/fleeing
to Roumania in 1921/Canada in 1925 and Australia in the mid 1930s. All
contact with our ARONIS family seems to have been lost possibly before WWII
although I know one of my GGF's first cousins and one of his paternal
uncles emigrated to the USA.

I have recently received some information >from the Riga Archives about my
Aronis family and I understand that the research I commissioned from
Aleksandrs Feigmanis should be arriving in the near future.

I would be very interested in joining a Courland/Libau group and I am also
interested the Libau cemetery discussion.

Lorraine Bertelsen
Boho, downunder
best regad
avi lishower


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