Visiting Bialystok #poland

Carlos Pinkus <cpinkus@...>

Hello Jerry

I was in Bialystok on September 2003,

I had my closest experience with Jewish life in Bialystok, by walking
thruthe streets were the getto was placed, looking monuments and plaques
written in iddish and polish and at the cemetery. I hadn't contact with
Jews in Bialystok because no one Jew is living in Bialystok, I met some
members of the Jewish comunity at Cracow, Lodz and Warsaw.

You'll find Bialystok jewish information at (Tilford Bartman, Mark Halpern,
Ada Holtzman)
You'll find Bialystok general information at

I'll write you privatly to tell you the name and how to contact/reserve
the hotel were I supose Mark Halpern prefer to stay.


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