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Another excellent book is a recently published memoir by Boris Kacel, who
recounts his experiences surviving the Holocaust. He was >from Riga and
survived 7 concentration camps and is now living in Illinois. I purchased
the book through
Marty Mishkin

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Latvia SIG Digest for Friday, September 25, 1998.

1. Re: Riga and World War II


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Renee Gottesman wrote:


Jews >from Riga were most certainly greatly impacted by World War II. A
second cousin of mine who was born in Riga is a Holocaust survivor. He
recently published a book in which, among other things, he talks about
his childhood in Riga just prior to the war, and his subsequent
concentration camp experiences. He, his father, and one cousin were the
only European family members to survivor.

I have checked, and the book is available for purchase through I have no financial interest in this book, just great
appreciation for the opportunity to learn more about my cousin and other
members of my family.

“Endless Miracles,” by Jack Ratz; Shengold, Inc., 1998; ISBN:

What follows is a listing of the places and people he talks about
relating to Riga.

Work and Death Camps experienced:
Riga ghetto, Lenta, Salaspils, Stutthof, Burgraben.

Post-liberation places experienced (including DP camps):
Lauenburg, Lodz, Kattowitz (now Katowice, Poland), Bratislava, Vienna,
Linz, Munich, Landsberg.

People mentioned >from Riga (city and camp):
Menachem and Boruch , MANES (sexton), KAUFMAN Arthur and Max, LURIE
Isser (silversmith), BLUM, HERZBERG, KAPLOWITZ Chyena (married name).
Also, our family surnames of RACS, SHUSTERMAN and SILVERSTEIN.

I hope some of this proves to be helpful to you.

Eugene, Oregon ~~~

POLAN..Odessa,Ukr>Holland>US 1908 TULCHINSKY..Boguslav,Ukr>US1910
SHAPIRO..Mizyakov?,Ukr>Khmelnik,Ukr>US1913 (Baal Shem Tov related?)
COHEN..Volochisk,Ukr>US1921 STEINBERG..Khmelnik,Ukr> US1913

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Dear Renee,Thanks so much for your help with my research.! I guess I had
been putting off the inev-
itable searching for my mother's family thru the holocaust.. I was hoping &
still am that they got out of there & fled elsewhere. Well, at least
name was not on the Riga list. I will defeinitely check out the book thru I recall a friend of the family who came frommy mother's town
Smiltene, near Riga saying the Russians destroyed the town. Yet it is stil
on the map. I received e-mail saying that Latvians themselves may have
killed Jews before the war began. There are so many stories yet to unfold.
Thank you for all your helpful info!
I will try to check out the camps you mentioned also. I hope the internet
sites on the Holocaust can provide some info. Thank you again for all
help! Best of luck on your research.
Shana Tova....Much appreciation-Gail



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