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Marion Werle <werle@...>

I am posting this for Anne Lapedus Brest. Please reply via private e-mail,
since she does not wish to subscribe to yet another genealogy mailing list!


Hallo, dear People,

I am looking for the descendants of Ezer BREST, born Bauska, Latvia abt.
1861. He had 2 children that we know of namely Charlotte (Lottie) Brest,
b. 1879 in Bauska, Latvia and who emigrated to Milwaukee, WI, USA and
Morris BREST b. 1886, Bauska, Latvia, who came to live in Johannesburg,
South Africa with his Wife, Chaia Orkin Brest and their 3 sons, Baines,
Eric and Solly (Tich). There were possibly another two children born to
Ezer BREST namely Sora and Leib (Leiba) BREST but nothing is known of them.
Baines Brest was my childrens Grandfather. There are another 3 BREST
Families that I am researching and have detailed family Trees for. anyone
knowing of any BREST families, please could you contact me privately at Please note, our FAMILY name is Brest, and I am not
looking for family who came >from the TOWN Brest.

Many thanks,

Researching: : LAPEDUS/LAPIDUS (all spellings) Lithuania, Latvia,
and BREST FAMILY - Bauska, Latvia.

Marion Werle

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