Grodno? #poland


Dear Bialystok group,

I would like to know your opinion. I have just found the manifest for my
GGM's 1892 journey to the US. She was Rebekka PONITZ SEGALOWITZ. There, she
states she is >from Grodno. I know already that she is buried in the Bialystok
section of the cemetary in Elmont, NY.

from these 2 facts, is there any way to deduce if she had lived in the city
of Grodno itself, or maybe just in the area, or in Bialystok, or just the
region? If not, is there another way to find out?

I don't where to start looking for records for her and her family in Europe.
Thank you for any help,

Paula Weiss
New York
_pbethweiss@aol.com_ (

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