Re: Grodno? #poland

Tilford Bartman <bartmant@...>

Peoples self reports as to where they were born can be very misleading
or otherwise difficult to understand. I know for a fact that some
people listed Grodno as their place of birth but where at the time
referring to the old Russian Grodno Gubernia which included Bialystok
and most of the surrounding area. Segalowitz is a name that has been
associated with Bialystok. There was a Jewish poet known as the "great
Lamenter". He was Z. Segalowitz and he was >from Bialystok. He is
quoted in the Zabludow Yizkor book, ">from all tha was only a tear is
left about a nation that was destroyed by fire. May it grow and be
holy." His photograph as part of a group is in the Bialystoker Memorial
Book. The photo was taken at a "culture congress" in New York in 1948.

Tilford Bartman,

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