Virtual museum and Bialystok area society plots in New York and New Jersey #poland

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This is my first posting to your Discussion Group. As some of you
already know, I have put online my first web site, a virtual (Internet only)
museum of Jewish family history. The URL is .
It is freely accessible to anyone who would like to visit the site.

In the past year or two, I have undertaken a project to database burials
from many of the New York and New Jersey metro area cemeteries. Using the
list provided on the BialyGen website, I have databased nearly every burial
in nearly every society plot that is associated with the towns listed as a
"BialyGen Town," according to the BialyGen website. You can look up your
surnames of interest in "The Cemetery Project" section of the Museum
(accessed via the Surames link at .) These lists, however,
will give you a limited amount of information. They will only tell you that
someone with a particular surname is buried in a plot that is associated
with a certain town/city in Poland, but it is a start. There is a separate
web page for every town that is associated with one or more society plots in
New York/New Jersey. For example, for the city of Bialystok, there is a web
page that lists all unique surnames for the combined Bialystok society plots
in New York and New Jersey. If you happen to find a surname on a particular
web page that is of interest to you, please let me know the name and
town/city, and I will send you what information I have on these names when I
can. Most likely, the information that will be provided to you will only be
the particular surname, given name, the town/city that is associated with
the particular society plot, and the name of the cemetery where the person
is buried.

You will also find more than sixty overall grounds maps >from over three
dozen cemeteries in New York, New Jersey and Southern Florida, the use of
which will better prepare you for your next visit to the cemetery.

Also at the Museum are a number of exhibitions that I have created,
including one entitled "Postcards >from Home"
( . Here you will find over 200
pre-WWII family photographs, most of which have been graciously sent to me
by other researchers to be put on display . The vast majority of these
photographs were taken in Poland. There are a good number of photographs in
this exhibition that were taken in Bialystok and vicinity. More family
photographs >from anywhere in pre-war Europe are always welcome. They can be
sent to .

In the Map Room ( ), I have on
display three dozen maps that were produced in Poland in between the two
World Wars. One is of Bialystok and vicinity (not a town map of the city
itself, but rather the surrounding areas). There are also a number of other
such maps on display of other regions of interest to Bialystok researchers,
e.g. Bielsk Podlaski, Bransk, Goniadz, Trzcianne, Janow, Korycin, Lapy,
Suraz, Ciechanowiec, Milejczyce and Nowy Dwor. Many other maps of the areas
mentioned in the "BialyGen Towns" list will be presented in the future.

There is also a Links page ( ,
that provides links to over 350 genealogical and non-genealogical sites of
interest. You might also want to check the Museum's Updates page >from time
to time to see what new material has been added to the Museum, and what
exhibitions are to come. Ideas for future exhibitions are always welcome.

Best wishes for continued successful research,
Steven Lasky

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