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Tilford Bartman <bartmant@...>

Hi Jerry,

Glad to hear that your trip to Poland seemed to work out quite well.

Tykocin is quite impressive isn't it. Ana Krakowska is the director
there and I think was the driving force behind the restoration and
museum. Some of the Tallisium there were donated by Szymon Bartnovski,
the last openly Jewish person in Bialystok, and a distant relative of mine.

Tykocin has been mentioned as a possible location to build a full size
replica of the Zabludow Wooden Synagogue. It would have to be properly
and sensitively sited because of course historically it does not
actually belong in Tykocin but in nearby Zabludow. Zabludow is really a
dusty, poor little town that is really not suitable, and the Mayor is
not particularly receptive. There is a connection in that for about 80
years starting in the early and mid 1600's there raged what was referred
to as the "big conflict". This was a raging conflict between the Tykocin
and Grodno Kahal's over which would have control over Zabludow. Neither
fully won out, but Tykocin had the upper hand. In the meantime a very
impressive architectural model of the Zabludow wooden synagogue has been
built for educational and promotional purposes. For your interest I'll
attach a photo in another email.

I certainly identify with your mix of emotions. When I've visited
Tykocin I've had to remind myself that the last Jewish residents of the
town are lying out in the woods in the ditch in which the Germans shot
them, and that the towns Poles both aided the Germans in rounding them
up, and also a handful of Tykocin Jews were saved by the towns Polish

Tilford Bartman

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