Re: Courland/Holland connection #latvia

Alexander Friedlander

FWIW, one of my relatives (and he's related to others on this list) says
that there's an old family story that his family line came >from Holland --
that they emigrated to Courland sometime around 1700. This would probably
then link (further and further back) to Spain and the Sephardim, not to
Germany and Central Europe.

Claire Petersky (


this Holland connection is very interesting.

According to my mother, her father's family moved at some point in
time >from Spain to Italy and then to Holland. At that time, the
family name was Montwid (sp?). At some stage, my multi-great
grandfather came to Latvia on business. Based on my grandfather's
family story, this may have been his grandfather. As best as I can
calculate, based on my grandfather's birth date and the year of his
father's death, this must have been around 1850-60, give or take a
few years.

At this point, he met a young lady in the shtetl he was staying in;
in order to get married and to stay in Latvia, Montwid purchased the
permit of a man named Davidovitz who was emigrating to the USA. So
Montwid now became Davidovitz, married a woman by name of Fagel
Herschfeld (I am not sure of the spelling) and settled in Sassmachen

(A further move came around 1902, when my grandfather went to South
Africa as a 13 year old and eventually settledin Cape Town.)

Alexander Friedlander <>

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