Summary/Translation of site re exhibit on Bialystoker artist Benn #poland

Ethan Kent <ewkent@...>

Mr. Halpern (possible relative: see related family-name below):

I'm a former lurker who receives your digest (and whose great-grandparents
-- last name Pat/Patt -- emigrated in the 1890s >from Bialystok to New York
with those of my Grandma Edna's older siblings who had already been born).

I also took French in school for 6 school years, and have resumed contact
with the language in the past 10 years or so.

So (hoping I don't repeat what someone else has already sent you), here
is the site summary you requested (or one good enough) regarding the
French site whose link you posted, concerning the artist (of Bialystok
roots) Benn:

from October 6 to the 13th (i.e., earlier this month), the organization
Bible à Neuilly [translation: "Bible in Neuilly"], in partnership /
cooperation with the municipal government of Neuilly sur Seine, presented
an exhibition of 29 pictures by Benn "inspired by" Psalms [I believe by
various Psalms >from the Book of Psalms/Tehillim].

The site says that Benn is a painter of "Russian" origin who came to
France in 1930 and became a member of the School of Paris (including
Chagall and Modigliani), which brought together painters of non-French,
origin, "notably" or "particularly" Jews fleeing persecution. It goes
on to say that Benn had his first "visions" of/stemming >from the Psalms
while hidden during the [German] occupation [of France].

Nearly 1500 individuals visited the exhibition of "illustrated Psalms",
including 833 schoolchildren who had special guides/ a special program
for them. (A photo caption says that the paintings brought together an
audience which was "numerous and attentive".)

On Monday, October 10, there was a lecture/event/forum entitled "Bible
et Spiritualité: Le témoignage du peintre Benn" ["Bible and Spirituality:
the Testimony of the Painter Benn"] -- with the President of the
"Association Benn et Ghera" (the "Benn and Ghera Society") as
host/moderator, and participation by a "Bishop of the Armies" [or so
it seems], as well as by an Elie Szapiro -- a former lecturer [I think]
on Jewish Art at the French Institut National des Langues et Civilisations
Orientales [National Institute of Eastern Languages and Civilizations;
"East" includes Middle East.].

Nearly 150 persons attended this event; it is said that the interpretation
of Benn's work by 2 voices -- 1 Christian and 1 Jewish -- was "especially
valued", and that the event was "enriched" by the participation of persons
in the audience who had been "at the side of"/known the painter.

I hope this summary/translation is adequate.


Ethan Kent,
New York, NY.

Researching (although not actively at the moment):
KANTOR family (probably >from Belarus; emigrated to New York City);
PAT/PATT family (Bialystok, New York City); TROPP family (the wife of my
Pat/Patt great-grandfather >from Bialystok was born a Tropp);
KORNHAUSER family (Krakow, New York City);
HALPERIN family (with KATZENELLENBOGEN and JAFFEE (I believe) ancestry
through them) (Vilna/Vilnius, New York City).

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