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Dear BIALYGenners:

Mark Gordon described his experience with the State Archives of Belarus
in Grodno. Although I have never had any research perfomed by the
Archive, I have heard many stories about people receiving some good
information, but still feeling that more information was available.
I also recall that all these people never received copies of the actual

A few years ago, I wrote to the Grodno Archive asking what information
was available for one of my ancestral towns east of Bialystok. I did
not send in the required $80 research fee and, not surprisingly,
received no reply.

When BIALYGen was started, we came to an agreement with the then leader
of Belarus SIG to coordinate all Grodno research with them. This
cooperation was rewarded with the extraction of remaining fragments of
the 1897 All Russian Census for all Grodno Uyezds. We were very pleased
and continued to discuss our desire to index/extract information from
the Revision Lists housed at the Grodno Archive.

Then earlier this year, the founder and coordinator of Belarus SIG
retired. At this time, there is no leader/coordinator of the Belarus
SIG. BIALYGen is now looking for a private researcher who is willing to
index some of the Revision lists held at the Grodno Archive. If anyone
knows of such a person, please email me privately.

Mark Halpern
BIALYGen Coordinator

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Joan Goldstein inquired yesterday about Russian revision lists for
Bialystok, Bielsk and Sokolka uyezds in the Belarus Archives.

Nine years ago, in response to a written letter to the Archives, I
an extract typed in Russian (not a copy) of a family listing in the 1855
Census of Jewish residents for Bielsk Podlaski. This was a very useful
record, since it expanded my Chrabolowski (changed to Gordon) ancestry
two more generations to about 1765. The Archives noted that this was
only record in their collection for my family -- a statement that seemed
unlikely to be accurate.

Mark Gordon
Maplewood, NJ, USA

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