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Arlene Beare <arl@...>

Thank you for pointing this out. I will link the page to my Jekabpils page.
I have visited Edward Anders excellent page before but thought it was all
Liepaja and the Holocaust.
Arlene Beare

At 16:11 06/11/00 -0500, you wrote:
While doing a periodic search on my family name yesterday, I happened upon a
recent (I think) posting. It's the Oklad (tax registry) of Jewish Male
Citizens Living in Jacobstadt 1811-1813. Here's the URL:

<A HREF=""></A>

There may be some coordination between the LatviaSiG and the locater of this
record that is not obvious to me. I would hope that the data finds its way,
eventually, to the All Latvia Database, to join data already appearing

I was lucky enough to have found who I believe to be my ggggf, Wulff Jossel
WALDSTEIN, with my gggf, Hirsch WALDSTEIN. Previous to this, I found my
Girsh ben Wolf WALDSTEIN on the All Lithuania Database, registered in
Siauliai (1846), with later generations registered in Saukenai (1858) and
Uzpaliai (1874). My ggf and gf generation actually lived in Kupiskis,
although the only record I have of that are marriage and death records
privately obtained via Galina Baranova >from the Vilna archives.

The lessons to be learned, of course, are never to assume you know where your
family came from, and never think you've completed the job of finding them.
This process has taken my WALDSTEIN roots back to eighteenth century Latvia.
I'm looking forward (and backward) to where it will take me next.

Jacqueline WALDSTEIN Schwab
Rye Brook, New York

Searching: Lithuania and Latvia, possible Copenhagen, for WALDSTEIN, MENKIN,

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