Reading Recommendation #latvia

Jack R. Braverman <jbraverman1@...>

Articles about desecration of Jewish cemeteries are at least tangentially=

related to this List, nicht
var? Hope so. =

You may be interested in reading "The Carpentras Affair," in the November=

6th issue of "The
New Yorker." Do so especially if you are a Francophile, yet even a mild
interest in the dynamics
of European small-town prejudice make it a good read.

The desecration of the oldest cemetery in Europe still _in use_ (>from the=

14th cent.) =

is the occasion of the piece, but it's really in the background and is
given only a little description.
What happens after the discovery ... therein lies the tale.

Oh, have you ever wondered where Captain Dreyfus went after his return fr=
Devil's Island?
Yes! Carpentras until he couldn't stand it anymore.

Jack Braverman
Cleveland, OH

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