Re: Jacobstadt Tax Registry 1811-1813 #latvia

Elsebeth Paikin


At 16:11 06-11-00 -0500, wrote:
While doing a periodic search on my family name yesterday, I happened
upon a recent (I think) posting. It's the Oklad (tax registry) of Jewish
Male Citizens Living in Jacobstadt 1811-1813. Here's the URL:

It's been reported to the Denmark SIG (where this message was also posted)
that the above URL doesn't work. And that is right today.... but I tried it
out before I posted the message to the Denmark SIG list, and then it worked.

Maybe it's only because the server is down for a day or two? So my advice
is to try it again in a couple of days....

Best regards

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
Coordinator & Webmaster of
JewishGen Denmark SIG

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