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Knud and Lorraine Bertelsen <klb@...>

Dear fellow researchers,

Further to Charlotte's plea for assistance, I am afraid I am not able to
translate either German or Latvian, so I unable to volunteer for these
particular translation projects Charlotte mentioned.

However, after reading Charlotte's message I thought that perhaps you might
find interesting a page (in German) which was sent to me by Dr. Aleksandrs
Feigmanis when he did some research for me some time ago. My husband
translated this for me, but it may not be completely accurate as his
schoolboy German was learned in Denmark more than 50 years ago.

The page is an extract >from :
1812 - Der Feldzug in Kurland - The Campaign (War-Like Expedition) in Kurland
by Julius von Hartvich (Hartwich)
from the diaries and briefings >from the Lieutenant Julius von Hartwich at
that time
Leib-Grenadier Regiment Konig Friedrich Wilhelm III
i.e. Life Grenadier Regiment of King Friedrich Wilhelm III (First
Brandenburger No.8)
Compiled/edited by Rudiger v. Schoeter - Berlin 1910

Here is a translation of a paragraph which mentioned Libau :

Libau (Liebau) is also beautiful as well as a rich little town of
approximately 6,000 citizens by the Baltic Sea with a beautiful harbour
built by the mouth/outflow of the Liebauer River?
The houses are mostly built entirely >from timber but are not very
beautifully constructed. The windows are beautified with plate glass. The
benches in front of the shops are painted with green or red oil paint. The
town has five churches and one synagogue. unquote

I think the 1812 Campaign could have been part of the Napoleonic war
against Russia, but as I do not remember much about the campaigns of
Napoleon, I am not quite sure how German/Prussian troops were involved in
1812, or if this German/Prussian campaign was totally separate >from
Napoleon's "adventures"

I have a copy of the cover of this book, which included a portrait of
Hartwich, wearing his Iron Crosses, plus pages 48/89 only, and would be
happy to send a copy to either Arlene or Charlotte.

Lorraine Bertelsen
Boho downunder

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