Yizkor Book Project November 2005 update #poland

Joyce Field

We are again approaching the end of a year, which has been busy and
successful for the Yizkor Book Project, but we are not sitting idly
by. We continually add new translations, thanks to our dedicated
donors and project coordinators and our remarkable volunteer staff.

In November we put online 8 updates and 5 new entries, which are all
accessible >from http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/translations.html.
New translations are flagged for a month to make it easy for you to
identify them. If you are looking for a translation, the place to
check is the alphabetical listing at

We received an encouraging response >from last month's appeal for more
translations >from the Pinkas HaKehillot series, and we repeat that
request this month. Each volume covers a specific geographical area:
Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia & Estonia, Libya, Lithuania,
Netherlands, Poland (7 volumes), Romania (2 volumes), Slovakia,
Yugoslavia. There is a separate "chapter" for each town. We are
desirous of getting the translated tables of contents for the
following Pinkasim online: Netherlands, Libya, and Germany. Contact
me privately if you have any questions or if you can translate >from
these Hebrew volumes, which are very important as they contain
information on many communities too small to have an entire yizkor
book devoted to them.

New entries:

-Alytus, Lithuania: Lite, volume 1
-Kedainiai, Lithuania: Lite, volume 1
-Krekanava, Lithuania: Yahadut Lita
-Obeliai ("Abel"), Lithuania: Pinkas HaKehillot Lita
-Saukotas, Lithuania: Pinkas HaKehillot Lita


-Bedzin, Poland
-Brest, Poland
-Chelm, Poland
-Czestochowa, Poland
-Dabrowa, Poland
-Holocaust in Belarus
-Krynki, Poland
-Novogrudok, Belarus

Please consider making a donation to the yizkor book translation
projects listed at
and include a generous contribution to JewishGen, which provides the
infrastructure to make this project possible. Your contribution will
help pay for the translation of these books, making their information
available to all researchers.

Joyce Field
Yizkor Book Project Manager

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